5 to 1 ..A post tat happened across 8 hrs

Evening I can’t forget, Evening I never Imagined to have, Evening that will last forever , All of my college friends including me  had  a plan to watch Commonwealth Games Hockey match . The soul reason behind it was  meenakshi’s view  “Guys Its first time India is hosting CWG we don’t know whether we will be able to catch this up ever in our life’s  again…!” So the  ‘WHAT AN IDEA SIR JI’ Thought was accepted by all of us (Me,Pramod,Vikas,Rajvinder,Himansu) .

We all decided to Catch up at pragati madan metro station and then march toward major dhyan chand stadium, As all tickets to the match were with me nobody else then me,vikas, pramod could use the free metro passes While in metro I and Vikas pulled pramod’s legs like we do always When we reached pragati madan stadium we met Rajvinder,Her brother and some of his friends and meenakshi also joined us and to give an effort to save environment we chosen to walk till stadium instead of catching a shuttle ,when we reached the stadium the line for the entry to the stadium was too long but showing the true spirit of sports we did followed that line(otherwise you can also say that we hardly had another option) Before we could enter into stadium we were asked to give away all the coins into a donation box,pen,eating stuff into a collection box while the security was checking each and every individual we were again asked to declare everything from wallet to mobile & so on to the X-RAY Machine and then we were checked personally to  and guys believe you me it was not just another police checking it was a serious ,hard-core checking which Delhi Police did (Salute to them for this) So after this all we finally managed to enter into stadium and we all were running like anything and were showing the true spirit of ‘Come Out And Play’ and finally managed to locate our seats in stadium .

By now  we realized that the match was between Indian Women & South Africa women and the score was 1-0 so this was all to make us feel happy that India was already winning It was very first time for me to be in a live match for any sport The fun was quite different the stadium was fully packed with audience out of who, most of them ere  Indians 🙂 though there were many foreign nationals as well but in exactly different block.

I realized the true spirit of sports while this match only I mean with every goal India made everyone across the stadium were like “Woooooooo Go India Go….” and every goal that India was about to make but missed the stadium in one voice were like “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh” and i was like “uhhhhhhhhhhhh…iske behn ke”

After the half time score went to 2-1 and in last some minutes score was 3-0 It was a game already won by India but You never know what happens in last THIRTY SECOUNDS even , As soon as clock ticked last TEN SECONDS OF GAME ON SCREEN whole stadium went like…. Ten..Nine…eight………….three…two….one and yes India won…The happiness could be sensed on everyone’s face everyone hugging each other giving claps shouting (& Guys mind it this was not a cricket match…it was HOCKEY).

We went to get some food and coke and was not able to manage due to ‘Q’ been so long But then meenakshi tu meenakshi ha she went ahead to get some coke stood in line for 10 minutes and came back after we convinced her that ‘Q’ is too long lets go back.

As this match got over as per plan we were suppose to leave by now and catch some good food at pandara road but the Sportsmen spirit was awaken by now and said to each other “Guys if we can manage to see one match ,then why not other one as well….or lets make it this way we will watch it till half time only” so by now we all were up to see the other match as well which was between India men and Scotland men before the match could start The true moment came for which I and meenakshi were waiting like anything The national anthem we stood…We sung our national anthem that moment was of so pride tat its difficult for me to pen it down on this post

As the match started Mine and pramod throat  was out of life and we could not scream for India anymore but still we managed somehow watching this match we vikas made me realized the difference between Man’s hockey and Women’s hockey , The shouting ,go India go…..uuuuuuuuuuuuuh stuff continued while this match as well and India  won with score of 4-0 .

After this we wanted to still go out for dinner but someone or other had to leave so I was left hungry.

We all boarded our respective metro trains and I accompanied   meenakshi till her Bhayia could catch her up She was continuously telling me “Adi U’ll miss the metro U should leave now” & I was like “Pagal ha kya…There will be for sure some more metro coming” As soon as we located her bhayia outside metro station I even asked meenakshi to ask her bhaiya to sign a document stating “  RECEIEVED IN GOOD CONDITION”.

Her bhayiya was too generous and wanted to drop me back but i insisted that I’ll take the metro .

As they left and I entered the metro station somebody told me “last metro gai” But still keeping the optimistic attitude in turn I still went ahead upstairs  may to hear the same thing again “Last metro gai” and this was the time i was like F.U.C.* MAN now what and suddenly i could sense i vibration on my phone and went ahead to check where my phone might be ..

Dad “Ha beta kab tak”
Me “ 45 Minutes”
Dad “Ok”

I came out of station and could only see UP Transport buses & I was wandering why the UP connection is prompt today 🙂

Thoughts started running through my mind what to do next I mean I can’t spend my night sleeping at a metro station anyway…!

Idea One- Call Meenakshi and ask her bhaiya to drop me- IDEA REJECTED

Idea Two- Catch a auto- IDEA REJECTED

Meantime I got my life saving drink Coke..Had it felt relaxed Then

Idea Three Catch a cab ; But when i called the cab service they told me It will take 25 minutes for cab to reach you and in replay I said….Tere Maa ke jaii….

After this I was just sitting there and was thinking about more options and just asked a bus conductor “ Veer Ji kasmiri gate jauege?”

He said Yes…I boarded the bus…

While the way the view of Delhi was so different no traffic ,No traffic police, No red lights all i could sense was cold air striking on my face , People sleeping on foot-parks and so on and suddenly i had to receive a call which i don’t wanted to at that time it was SOL- MEENAKSHI Calling I told her about metro missed event and she was like “Bola Tha na”
her bhaiya came on line and convening him again that I’ll reach home soon and safely was tuff job this time he bribed me ice cream treat..coke(and me sure coke was suggested by meenakshi)  byt truly speaking folks at that time asking him to came back and drop me was no-so-cool idea at all.

Enjoying my coke I reached Kashmiri gate took a auto to pul bangash metro station where my vehicle was parked reached there took my vehicle and went straight towards home but then it was more fun again  driving at at night 1230 is too cool , & ‘then something happened i didn’t wanted to happen my vehicle was out of fuel and i was like again F.U.C.* Man abb kya karu,….Still managed to take it till home somehow.and finally slept hungry.

🙂 🙂 🙂


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