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So the most awesome thing of the decade just got over. I just got up after watching the spectacular opening of CWG 2010. First of all, many congratulations to all of you after allDelhihave made it! The whole extravaganza was so-so beautiful that it would unfair if I say I will describe it in words. There was nothing in the opening ceremony which I can say was not beautiful. Be it Swagatam Song, the balloon, the dances, the train, the yoga, the guru-shisya plot (while this I was wandering if after this the guru will ask for the thumb of shisya).

The 2yr old boy was fantastic while playing Tabla. His smile too was an eye catcher too. The opening has almost everything thatIndiaholds into its big and bright culture from Dabba-wallas in Mumbai to Chai Wals at railway station. The cultural event showed everything.

The puppet show was also something new for me at least; especially those giant size puppets. They all looked amazing. It was a surprising thing for me too see 60000 people in the stadium, I felt proud that Delhiwas so much to come out and play. I was I was at the stadium, the expensive tickets made me back out.

I found the lights to be the best part of the event. It looked magnificent. The lights showed different things while different events. The Yoga was also something performed exactly the way it should be (& truly speaking I was missing Baba Ram Dev at tat time I’m sure he must be angry that why didn’t he got the royalty). For me personally it was a very proud moment when Sushil Kumar handed the baton to Prince Charles. It was a moment where I was numb for a second. It was a moment where I could tell myself “I am anIndiaand we are successful host for the CWG 2010”.
The biggest moment of relief was when Prince Charles declared the games open. After so many controversies around, so much of media created negativism what more one could expect?

When the President gave her speech I was really thinking “where did she got the voice and accent training from?” may be from some call centre in Gurgoan. I was really missing Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. I wish he was still the president of the country.
While these speeches were on one thing that was amazing was the claps made on different names been called so here goes my list of BIG APPLUDS:
1) India;
2) Shiela Dikshit;

Believe you me whenever these three words were called out applaud was so high. Thanks Madam Shiela Dikshit for giving us a life time opportunity to feel and be a part of 10th CWG 2010. A lot of times Dhol was played and the ‘thap’ was make me real crazy (Punjabi Factor). The theme song by AR Raham “Chalo-utho” was like icing above the cake; so beautiful, so lively, so energetic. But, the song played in end from Slum dog Millionaire was not required at all.

While the whole ceremony only thing I missed was Madam CM. She was missing throughout the event, only time we saw her was in last seconds of ceremony.

I enjoyed the event like a life time opportunity and hopes that everyone else as well. My best wishes to CWG 2010, may we see a spectacular closing as well.

As the event got over I had only one thing to say OMG.

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7 thoughts on “O.M.G.

  1. ur excitment is visible even thru dis post…. congratulations 2 u 2, n lets hope for the best closing too..

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