Public Display of Affection

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It was a fun day today, I was out with my girlfriend to watch Dabaang (which she hated and I liked: Why do girls think different?)

My friends have always criticized me for the soul reason that I hate PDA to the core. For me love has always being an eternal feeling and I am good with keeping it eternal only. I don’t like rather I hate when I see couples almost ‘falling’ onto each other as they walk. Some couples would be sitting in a restaurant, trying to be as close as possible as if the place is their bedroom or something. In most of the cases the boy would try to be as close as possible, his only motive would be to touch and ‘feel’ her partner everywhere possible and as many as time possible. And same happens in case of a girl. I remember when a girl was sitting on boy’s lap- at a food court.

I really don’t find this to be appropriate behavior; we all understand that somewhere-someone would be looking at them. That someone can be an old lady saying “shame on these guys” or even a school teacher saying “See what these guys are doing all in front of public. They tell their parents that they are going to school or college and look, what they do here.”

My idea of writing this is post is to point out why do we need to show our affection to the world? It is absolutely fine if a couple is holding hands and walk together. I would rather say that doing this is a sign of mature society. Whereas things I mentioned earlier are of society moving towards a situation where ‘no-shame-is-left.

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Aditya Bhasin hails from India,Delhi-an avid reader, who enjoys his cup of tea over it, a racist in purest form as he hates chocolate and coffee. He does not like traveling much, but, if he gets an opportunity to travel he chooses to do that by a train instead of a car or a plane. He is an introvert person who is trying to be an extrovert by all possible means. + + + + + + + = /meadityabhasin

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13 thoughts on “Public Display of Affection

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  2. My humble request to you would be to write this a few years down the line when you are some where around 27 or more. I would have written more on here but I dont think it can be understood by someone of your age which I seriously believe is not more than 22 years or more as the immature attitude and the poor level of thought is too loud in your piece.

  3. Some more things you said “I’m not at all against public display of love but its just i don't like it I don't like to do I don't like to see others do”. If you always write like this please change please evolve skill of writing cause it sounds like you dont know whatever you wrote “I don't like to see others do” yeah!!!! clearly says you dislike it shows you dont support it. sounds like you had some real mood spasms while writing your piece or “I’m not at all against public display of love” was your attempt to make this sound politically correct or just a diplomatic move of your to make it sound level headed….btw when I say politically correct I only mean the terminology of the word “politically correct” am not including politics in this.

  4. Talking about Indian culture a few years back and even some places now people dont see the faces or their life partners before they get married, that was our culture was not very justified but was still being done…so today if you are dating a girl or if you are in a serious relationship with a girl you will still be offending the culture our culture was to leave those decision to parents too. (this was the INDIAN CULTURE) culture spawns through mentality and mentality is the thought process.

  5. Header says “Public display of Love” when it should have been “Public display of Affection” the word “Love” cannot be measured and is certainly not always used to relate or address a physical action. You talk here about “Shame” a few years back and even today the word “Shame” has a total different meaning and it changes from place to place and from person to person and will always keep changing and when you cannot understand the meaning of something try seeing it from the other angles. Your article has a very perverted attitude, you make the whole thing the whole acts of passion and love sound like a desperate attempt of groping your partner. Love is beyond that. you are too young to even begin with this.

  6. i fully agree wid u swty .. dese PDAs r sumthn which really spoil atmosphere not only of the place but uderwise oso..
    how much ever v try 2 move 2wrds westrn culture at d end v awl r indians wid certain limitations ..
    One thing i can neva understnd is y d hell dey need 2 make dere bossoming puppy luv “pub – lick ” !!! 4 hvnz sake man dere are private places as well… gud lord !

  7. rightly said bro..,,our generation needs to understand these things.public display of love is somethin not acceptable.
    malls n streets are no place to show ur love. i think there're better ways to show that u care.,other than holding hands or walkin close to eachother in public.

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